AdvanceTec Industries Mobility Division expands its accessory line with the release of the Advance Hands-Free Car Kit™, Advance RSM™, Advance Chargers™ for the Kyocera DuraForce Pro, a complete system with superior quality, safety and the perfect solution for your Push-to-Talk (PTT) phone


For ease of installations the car kit consists of independent electronics junction box ,10 watt external speaker, remote PTT button (Designed for 1,000,000 Activations), noise cancelling visor microphone and a power cables.

The car kit was design to with-stand Commercial Mobility Vibration along with all the required Mobile Electronics Protections as EMI, Alternator Voltage Spikes, Reverse Voltage Protection, Battery Charging safety and Superior Audio Processing Algorithms for ECHO and Noise Cancelations.

The car kit is coupled with a compatible phone cradle to hold the XP5 securely in place and provides High Quality communication.


  • Independent electronics Junction Box
  • Robust phone Cradle / Holder
  • Noise Cancelling Visor Microphone
  • Full Duplex Communication
  • Easy and Efficient Installation
  • Remote Handset for Privacy (optional)
  • Palm Microphone (optional)
  • Cradle with Locking Device (optional)


The AdvanceRSM is powered by an internal rechargeable 1300 mAh lithium-ion battery which will keep the RSM totally independent of the phone battery. It provides approximately 30 days of standby time and over 8 hours of continuous talk time. It also features a multicolor LED charging status indicator and an advanced feature to show low-battery level.

The battery on the AdvanceRSM can be charged either via the USB socket or through standalone Single and 4 Bay chargers available by AdvanceTec. The drop-in chargers support home/office desktop (AC) or in-vehicle use (DC). The battery can be simply replaced when necessary with the removal of 1 screw.

The AdvanceRSM boasts a bold and rugged contemporary look designed to connect directly to the audio port of the phone. It comes with a 360 degree rotatable heavy duty clip to affix it to the lapel straps on shirts or jackets, as well as 3.5mm audio socket to support the use of a wired ear piece.


  • Push-to-talk over cellular functionality
  • Large, easy-to-access PTT button
  • Micro USB compatible charging
  • 3.5mm audio socket for wired ear piece for privacy communications
  • Multicolor LED battery indicator
  • Optional Single and Four Bay Drop-in Charger available for rapid charging

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