Single-Bay Battery Charger For 9575 Satellite Phone

Charge an Iridium 9555 battery in this small and compact unit. AdvanceTec Battery Charger is perfect for those who will be at remote locations for long periods of time and require multiple batteries. An ideal accessory for any user who absolutely needs a charged battery at all times. The charger can stay plugged in for years and maintain the charge of your battery.

Product Features
-Capable of rapid charging Iridium batteries in the same unit, in a single process without ever draining the battery
-Charge at current rates recommended by the battery manufacturer.
-Be suitable to operate at the office (AC) as well as in the vehicle (DC)
-Switch to a maintenance mode once the battery is fully charged. In the maintenance mode the battery is kept at peak condition for as long as it is left on the unit, without ever overcharging or overheating