A Global Leader in Design & Manufacturing

Established in 1987, AdvanceTec™ Industries has become a global leader in the design and manufacturing of communications products and solutions for the wireless telecom, two-way radio and thermal imaging industries. From its fully integrated, state-of-the-art facility in Miami, Florida, the privately-held company provides innovative AdvanceTec™-branded, private label and OEM solutions for a variety of organizations and corporations worldwide. AdvanceTec™’s cutting-edge research and development has earned it the coveted C.E.S. “Innovations in Design and Engineering” award for three years.

Our diverse clientele ranges from major metropolitan-area police forces, firefighters and EMS teams to Fortune 500 telecom companies, all of whom depend on us to deliver the highest quality communication accessories on the market. Our specialized product categories include advanced hands-free cellular kits (both vehicle-mounted and desktop-based) as well as two-way radio battery chargers/conditioners and analyzers.

What else sets AdvanceTec™ apart from the competition? Our vertically-integrated business structure allows us to offer clients a full spectrum of services – from product concept and design to engineering, manufacturing, packing and shipping of the finished product. What’s more, all of these services are performed to the industry’s highest standards within our 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in South Florida. This translates to unparalleled responsiveness, exceptional flexibility, and strict consistent quality control. By continuing to take advantage of emerging technologies, we continue to set the standard in the industry for excellence and performance at a fair and competitive price.

Add to that a hands-on management team and a staff of expert technicians and engineers, and you’ve got an industry-leading organization that consistently exceeds expectations. Miami is also home to our sales, marketing and support staff, which prides itself on providing first-rate customer service to our clients. After all, our business is helping you take care of your business.

AdvanceTec™ is a vertically integrated organization with the knowledge, experience and technology to get the job done without the delays and compromises that often come with multiple outsourcing. From concept and design to manufacturing and shipping, our business structure translates to quicker turnaround times, greater control over product quality and unsurpassed flexibility when it comes to serving the needs of our clients.

Have a vision? Count on AdvanceTec™ for the shortest turnaround possible on new products and custom designs. Have an existing telecom accessory that requires manufacturing and distribution? Leave it to our experienced management and production teams to bring your innovative product to the public. We’re proud to offer AdvanceTec™ branded accessories, private label products, and OEM services to a wide range of clients worldwide.

Thanks to our tireless commitment to first-rate design, workmanship, technological innovation and customer service, we are proud to be the manufacturer of choice for many of the world’s leading cell phone and two-way radio providers


Our Vertically Integrated Organization

Concept Design 100
Part/Electrical Design 100
Prototype/PCB Design 100
Mold Design 100
Build Mold/Populate PCB 100
Build Test Fixtures & ATE Modules 100
Assemble Part/BETA Part Test 100
Part Qualification (ALT w/MOT) 100
Establish Production QC Procedures 100
Package Design 100
Production of Part 100
Pack and Ship 100

Some of Our Clients