Return Policy

Please note all sales are considered final

All products are manufactured on order and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Once the product is received it may not be returned

Warranty and Repairs

AdvanceTec Industries, Inc. (“AdvanceTec”) warrants to the end user that the product manufactured by AdvanceTec (the “Product”) is new and free from defects in material and workmanship and will perform as designed for a period of one (1) year from the date on which the Product is shipped by AdvanceTec. If any Product fails to meet the performance set forth above, during the warranty period, AdvanceTec will repair or replace the defective Product, directly or through an Authorized Dealer, within 30 days of receipt of same at the AdvanceTec factory. Any repaired or replaced Product will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.

No Product will be accepted for repair without a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) which will be issued by AdvanceTec. A written RMA will be faxed or mailed to the customer and a copy of the RMA MUST be returned with the Product.

The customer will pay all shipping and handling charges for returning defective Product to the factory. AdvanceTec will pay its return shipping charges to the customer if the product is covered under the warranty, and will ship it via UPS Ground service. If the Product is not covered by the warranty, a charge to diagnose the defect, the cost of repair and the return shipping cost will be payable by the customer. Any defects caused by modification, alteration, repair or service by anyone other than AdvanceTec and any physical abuse or misuse of the Product will void this warranty.

For RMA requests, please call 305‐623‐3939 or toll-free 1‐800‐881‐8211 and have available the following:

Customer name (Company and Contact person) Address
Phone & Fax numbers
E‐mail address

Product Model & serial numbers Date & place of purchase AdvanceTec Invoice No.

With copy of RMA, please ship to:

AdvanceTec Industries, Inc.
Attention: Warranty Dept. RMA # ______________
1150 NW 163rd Drive,
Miami Florida 33169‐5816