Our Facilities and Capabilities

In-House and At Your Service
For over seventeen successful years, AdvanceTec has built its reputation on the unique ability to take a cutting-edge concept, see it through the design and production phases and deliver the highest quality finished product – all under one roof.

Our 30,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Miami, Florida, is a full turnkey product development factory where expert technicians, engineers and a dedicated management team work together to create award-winning solutions for the telecom industry. Built to our exacting specifications, our facility utilizes CAD and Pro/E software, high-speed surface mount equipment, plus a fully equipped tool and mold making facility and plastic injection molding equipment.

By keeping everything in-house, we are able to maintain some of the industry’s most stringent quality controls. Products are assembled by our staff of highly trained technicians and monitored by our full-time graduate engineers who meticulously test each product to ensure top performance under a variety of conditions. But we don’t stop there.

Our comprehensive list of services also includes packaging custom-tailored to your product and shipping needs. From the drawing board to the delivery truck, AdvanceTec™ has got you covered. And we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without our attention to long-term customer satisfaction. AdvanceTec’s on-site support team is available to ensure you always have what you need to do business

The AdvanceTec™ Advantage
AdvanceTec™ is a vertically integrated organization with the knowledge, experience and technology to get the job done without the delays and compromises that often come with multiple outsourcing. From concept and design to manufacturing and shipping, our business structure translates to quicker turnaround times, greater control over product quality and unsurpassed flexibility when it comes to serving the needs of our clients.

Have a vision? Count on AdvanceTec™ for the shortest turnaround possible on new products and custom designs. Have an existing telecom accessory that requires manufacturing and distribution? Leave it to our experienced management and production teams to bring your innovative product to the public. We’re proud to offer AdvanceTec™-branded accessories, private label products and OEM services to a wide range of clients worldwide.

Thanks to our tireless commitment to first-rate design, workmanship, technological innovation and customer service, we’re proud to be the manufacturer of choice for many of the world’s leading cell phone and two-way radio providers. What can we do for you?


Images Of Our Workplace

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