Hands-Free Mobile Kit For 9575 Satellite Phone

The Hands Free for Iridium Extreme PTT

Staying connected everywhere and in every situation has never been more crucial. The Iridium network provides access to voice and data anywhere on the globe, but requires a line of sight connection that isn’t always available. The Hands-Free Mobile Kit for 9575 take the power of Iridium the rest of the way home. The The Hands-Free Mobile Kit provides Iridium Extrme PTT satellite phone users access to the Iridium network indoors, below decks, in their vehicle or on board their aircraft with the use of an external antenna.  The PTT Dock is engineered specifically for the Iridium Extreme PTT, integrating with the phone’s Emergency SOS feature to maximize safety. The dock both charges the Extreme PTT and connects to an external antenna using the connector on the bottom of the phone, eliminating the need for additional cables and adapters.  Equipped with an automatic stereo muting feature and car ignition connection, this dock is a ready-to-go vehicular solution.  With its cutting edge background noise filter and echo canceling technology, the The Hands-Free Mobile Kit offers unmatched quality in satellite communication!

The Hands-Free Mobile Kit for Iridium Extreme Extreme PTT includes smart-cradle, 10-watt speaker, microphone, privacy handset and junction box.

How It Works

Iridium users simply slip their satellite phone into the cradle and connect the power and antenna cables from their sources to the cradle and junction box. The cradle securely holds the phone and connects it to an external antenna. While the phone is in the cradle the battery is charged. The loud 10-watt speaker also amplifies the ringer. The Iridium phone’s key pad is used to make and receive calls in hands free mode.  The privacy handset can be used to answer calls and hang up.  Users can toggle between privacy and hands free mode. The echo-cancelling microphone enables the user to enjoy hands-free operation even in noisy environments such as a boat, car or worksite.