The AdvanceMobile™eX1 is a complete in-vehicle communication system that requires ONLY activation on LTE Network. The eX1 can be pre-programmed to make and receive calls from up to 10 phone numbers and send pre set text messages to up to 10 phone numbers. Connect a GPS Antenna (optional extra) and activate the built-in GPS receiver for a small monthly fee and you will be able to track your assets on the easy-to-use AdvanceTec GPS web application. All these features combine to provide the safest and most convenient mobile management tool available. A Commercial grade, in-vehicle communication system, the AdvanceMobile™  eX1 will provide secure, reliable and convenient permanent in-vehicular communication.

  • Hands-free communications
  • Provides crystal clear full duplex voice communication
  • Pre-programmed calls to and from up to 10 phone numbers
  • Pre-programmed text messages to up to 10 phone numbers
  • Only activation on LTE Network required
  • GPS Tracking – Anywhere in North America
  • Supports Privacy Handset for noisy environments (optional)

The AdvanceTec tracking software is a proprietary web based tracking system that enables AdvanceMobile™ customers to track their assets anywhere for a nominal monthly fee. Users will sign on securely to the AdvanceMobileGPS web site* and will get real time speed, idle time, and route information of the asset being tracked. It offers GPS tracking with Hands-Free Audio, fleet tracking, Color coded vehicle identification, flexibility to select MPH/KPH and GPS download intervals,  daily historic activity up to the past 24 hours. An easy to use, reliable GPS device which provides audio as well.

The AdvanceMobileGPS allows you to track your vehicles, track their speed, get the exact address, locate a specific car, track route within the last 12 hours, print reports and communicate easily and simply with the driver. This powerful, cutting edge software, when coupled with the AdvanceMobile merges GPS hands-free wireless technology and the AdvanceCommunicator™ base station gives you the safest and most convenient mobile management tool available.

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