The AdvanceCommunicator™ operates with Sonim® XP7™ phone by converting the handset into a convenient stand-alone Base Station/Desktop Speakerphone. The AdvanceCommunicator™ provides benefits to members of various market segments, including the Public Sector, Transportation, and Healthcare industries. Users can communicate through a built-in speaker and microphone or an attached privacy handset. A built-in rapid charging facility ensures the phone is ready for use when removed from the cradle.

  • Convenient Desktop operation
  • Cellular or Direct Connect (Push-to-Talk (PTT) mode)
  • Talk hands-free or use handset for private conversations
  • PTT button on back of handset and on base unit
  • Recording facility for both Cellular and PTT calls

Allows the recording of cellular and Direct Connect PTT calls, by connecting a recording device to the 3.5 mm recording jack located on the back of the AdvanceCommunicator™ base, just below the power socket.
System Requirements:

  • External Recording Device
  • 3.5 mm Stereo Plug
  • 2-wire Analog Cable

Dimensions/weight (One unit): 7.5 x 6.0 x 6.0 inch | 1.5 lbs
Power: 110 AC to 12 VDC (800mA) | 2.5 mm Barrel Plug | Center Positive