Designed for the Kyocera DuraForce™ PTT-enabled Phones

The AdvanceTec™ Over-the-Ear Headset with in-line Enhanced Push-to-Talk mic is designed for use with Kyocera DuraForce™ phones. The earpiece features a D-loop, over-the-ear design that rests snugly on either ear. It delivers great sound clarity even in noisy environments, while allowing the user to receive calls discreetly in low-noise settings. Unlike ear-canal earbuds, this new design will not block hearing, which makes it unsafe under working conditions.


  • Discreet and secure D-loop style earpiece
  • EPTT housing clips to lapel or collar for ease of use
  • Sleek design provides excellent stability and communications quality
  • User-replaceable coin-cell type battery CR2032 provides about 70K ePTT dispatch calls (est. 1 year) – may vary based on usage and conditions
  • For use in security, retail, real estate, hospitality, and public safety – where seamless coordination matters