Add the AdvanceMobile™ Control Module to the AdvanceMobile™ in-vehicle communication system. Also allows for the control of the audio volume.

A needed accessory for the already robust and perfect AdvanceMobile™ a complete in-vehicle communication system that requires ONLY activation wireless Network. The AdvanceMobile™ can be pre-programmed to make and receive calls from up to 10 phone numbers and send pre set text messages. An Emergency button is available which can be pre-programmed to communicate with Police, Fire or other Emergency Services. Connect a GPS Antenna (optional extra) and activate the built-in GPS receiver for a small monthly fee and you will be able to track your assets on the easy-to-use AdvanceTec GPS web application. All these features combine to provide the safest and most convenient mobile management tool available. A Commercial grade, in-vehicle communication system, the AdvanceMobile™ will provide secure, reliable and convenient permanent in-vehicular communication.