Achieving maximum extended battery life, the Single Bay Charger/Conditioner will detect shorted or faulty cells instantly and charge/condition in a single process so you can safely top off the battery charge at any time.


  • Dedicated charger for Li-Ion & Li-Poly chemistry batteries
  • Dedicated charger for Ni-CD & Ni-MH chemistry batteries
  • Available as a single and 4 bay unit
  • Each bay on the 4 bay performs independently of the others
  • Switches into maintenance mode after charge reaches 100% capacity to keep batteries at peak condition for as long as they remain on the charger
  • Both single bay and 4 bay units can be used with supplied AC power supply in the office or optional DC power cable in the vehicle
  • Lightweight yet robust design and interchangeable battery adapters with a simple “snap-in”/”snap-out” feature
  • Special settings through AdvanceTec’s VSC™ (Voltage Specific Control) technology provides increased battery life cycle of up to 300 percent (Li-Ion & Li-Poly)