Process up to 128 units with the same Master Control Unit – MCU

The Enterprise 3000™ Battery Management Solution is a complete stand alone system designed to manage and control rechargeable batteries. With the integrated LCD touch screen and bar code reader, processing batteries and retrieving data is efficient and seamless. By scanning the battery serial number, its characteristics are automatically downloaded to a pocket and the results are logged for current or future reference. This process also allows for multiple chemistries of similar physical types of batteries to
be used in the same pocket. At the touch of a button the operator can start another process on the same battery, print a service label or view the history.
It will pre-condition new batteries, analyze, recondition and recover older batteries, identify capacities and faults in all battery chemistries, and help manage the battery fleet.

The Enterprise 3000™ Charger Features

  • Simultaneously process up to 128 batteries of any mix of chemistry
  • Bar code reader for easy asset management
  • Fits a standard 19” rack allowing for easy expansion
  • Durable, design for longer life
  • Can process Ni-Cad, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, Li-Poly, SLA
  • Easy to use – Minimal training required