The AdvanceTec’s Conditioning Charger for Bullard™ Thermal Imagery batteries will recondition and rapid charge the Bullard™ Battery in a single process, ensuring that the battery is kept memory free
and at its peak performance for when it is needed most. We brought AdvanceTec’s long history of producing the highest quality conditioning/chargers for the communications industry to Bullard™ thermal imagery camera batteries.

  • Will condition and rapid charge Ni-Cd and/or Ni-MH batteries on the same unit in a single process
  • Will charge to 100% battery capacity
  • Switches to a maintenance mode once the battery reaches 100% capacity keeping the battery at peak condition
  • The battery can remain on the charger for extended periods without the danger of ever overcharging
  • Backed by full one year warranty
  • Made in the USA