DRIVE But Do It Safely with AdvanceTec™ Enhance Vehicular Communication System™
AdvanceTec’s Pro-installed Enhance Vehicular Communication System is a vehicular communication system that improves sound quality and driver safety and the perfect solution for your Direct Connect – Push-to-Talk phone. The Enhance Vehicular Communication System consists of a junction box, 10 watt external speaker, remote PTT button, noise cancelling visor microphone, protective cover and a power cable.

Samsung Tab A-8.4″ Enhance Vehicular Communication System

• PTT Communication
• Full Duplex Communication
• Protective cover included
• No cables attached to the tablet
• Loud 10W speaker
• Robust Design
• Fast Charging
• Supports ignition sense
• Multi Part design
• Tubular Keylock Switch locking mechanism
• Design to support Extreme Vibration Environment
• Design to support Crash Hazard Situations
• Cigarette lighter adaptor (optional)