64 Pocket AdvanceMulti-Bay battery charger for different carriers and mobile phones.

Stand alone charging tower that will simultaneously charge up to 64 of your Kyocera®, Sonim® or Samsung® phones. The same high quality and reliability that you have trusted for the past 25 years, in a single compact charging tower to keep your fleet of Kyocera®, Sonim® or Samsung® phones fully charged for when you need them. LED indicators will let you know which phones are being charged and which are fully charged and ready to go. The durable, heavy weight construction will provide years of use. Upgradable phone pocket.

  • Charge up to 64 phones at the same time
  • Will charge the phone battery as per the phone specifications
  • Will never overcharge the battery
  • Fits into a standard 19” rack size spacing
  • Durable design for longer life
  • Covered by 1 year warranty
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

ATT | Part No. ATTxxxxA
Verizon | Part No. ATxxxxA
Sprint | Part No. ATxxxxA

Before you contact your communications supplier to purchase a replacement battery, consider this: today’s high-quality nickel cadmium (Ni-Cd), nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) and Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are only as effective as the chargers on which they are placed at the end of the day. Not all chargers are the same and different chemistry batteries need to be charged differently.

There are 2 very important aspects to the charging of a battery that inevitably will determine how long it will last after the charge and how long it will last before it drops below an acceptable level:

  • The method used to charge the battery
  • The method used to terminate the charge

AdvanceTec’s Li-Ion Specific Chargers
Li-Ion batteries are lighter than other energy-equivalent secondary batteries, including both Ni-Cd and Ni-MH. However high charge levels and elevated temperatures from charging will hasten capacity loss. If overheated or overcharged, Li-ion batteries may suffer thermal runaway and cell rupture. In extreme cases this can lead to combustion. Deep discharge may short-circuit the cell, in which case recharging would be unsafe. The AdvanceTec™ Li-Ion charger makes use of VSCTM™ (Voltage Specific Control) when charging Li-Ion and Li-Poly chemistry batteries. The discharge pulse has a relaxing effect on the battery, increasing charge acceptance and allowing a charge at a lower temperature. Current is applied until the voltage limit per cell (as recommended by the cell manufacturer) is reached and then the precise voltage per cell limit (±.2%) is applied until the current declines below 3% of rated charge current. If voltage is applied exceeding the recommended voltage, it will cause a rapid and permanent reduction in the number of cycles in the battery.